Life to Eagle

     Life to Eagle meetings for troops are available upon request from Bonnie Hazarabedian Please contact her to schedule a session for your troop.
     Life to Eagle meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at Our Saviors Lutheran Church in Lafayette by reservation only with Ray Winter. Scouts MUST contact Mr. Winter at least 3 days prior at


Eagle Project Review

Scouts looking to advance to the Eagle rank have the choice of dealing with whichever area is most convenient for them.

For Eagle project approval  Scouts may work with Ed Isely or work with Mark Paulson Mr. Isely meets with the Scouts at his residence by appointment on Monday evenings. Mr. Paulson will work with the Scouts via email and will set up an appointment when the project is ready for District approval.

For Eagle Boards of Review  Scouts may work with Herb Lederman or Scouts may work with Gordon Bell Gordon Bell’s Eagle Boards of Review are held on the second Tuesday of each month Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. Herb Lederman’s Eagle Boards of Review are held on the second Monday of each month at St. Monica Catholic Church in Moraga.

Eagle Project Ideas


     Is your Scout looking for an Eagle Project? As we hear from organizations that have projects for Scouts, we’ll list them here each month.

Lar Rieu Park

     Lar Rieu Park is a small community park located in Walnut Creek. The park is currently undeveloped and has many potential Eagle projects. (Trail construction, yoga pad, plant installation, etc.) Mark Clar (an Eagle Scout) is leading the effort to build some infrastructure for the park in conjunction with the Parks and Recreation Department for the City of Walnut Creek. Contact Mark Clar 

Parkmead Community Association

      The Parkmead Community Association has a need for a replacement bench and general remodeling of a small community park area at the intersection of Newell Avenue and Circle Drive in Walnut Creek. Contact Mary Andre for more information 925-948-5983.

Orinda Historical Society & City of Orinda


     The Orinda Historical Society is looking for an Eagle Scout candidate to construct a sign similar to the picture above. The sign would provide information about the California and Nevada Railroad and how that railroad is connected to the growth of Orinda.

St. Marks Nursery School

     St. Marks Nursery School in Orinda has a need for work on their upcoming new play yard. The projects include:
  • 4 raised beds with arches to the fence to create an arbor tunnel
  • 3 arched wooden bridges to span the dry riverbed
  • 1 used rowboat to fill with sand
  • 1 wooden/outdoor worthy play kitchen
  • 2 round picnic tables with a total of 4 benches (curved to fit the tables)
  • 1 stage built out around the oak tree 
  • 6 theater benches built from stumps and planks
  • 5 misc workbenches/storage boxes for loose parts work/storage
Contact Kingsley Ftazier

Walnut Creek C.E.R.T.

     Walnut Creek Community Emergency Response Teams have a project for a Life Scout seeking to become Eagle. Contact Beth Smith for more information or click here for a more detailed description.

     For this project, the Scout would help equip 16 of our search and rescue teams (two teams for each CERT area) with all the equipment they will need to carry with them out in the field.  This is a fairly straight forward project, but it has a lot of moving parts because of the variety of medical supplies and equipment that is needed.  This is not a difficult project, but the Scout who takes it on must be very detailed oriented.
     Before the Scout accepts this project, Beth Smith would like to meet with him to discuss some of the specific types of equipment we need.  Also, Ms. Smith has a lot of contacts who can help the Scout acquire some of those supplies.  And, he might look at financing this project by asking for support from local service organizations, such as Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary, etc.


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